Vikings Wheelchair Basketball
Amelia Semp
Amelia was born at 32 weeks and spent 2 weeks in special care. We started to notice Amelia wasn't reaching her milestones such as sitting up and crawling etc. Physio and consultant appointments became a big part of our lives from then on and eventually Amelia got diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Amelia has always been a very smiley out going little girl so you can imagine how frustrated she would get when unable to join in with her friends activities such as ballet and gymnastics. More than ever last year as she had a big operation in January which left her in bed for 8 weeks missing school and making her quite depressed.

This was until Sue and Anthony came into school one day to introduce all the children to wheelchair basketball. Amelia enjoyed it so much that Sue invited her along to the Vikings practice night on Thursdays. Amelia has not looked back since. She really looks forward to going and I have to say I do also, being able to watch her so happy and enjoying herself. Her eyes light up when she gets on the court with everybody. It gives her the chance to make friends with people in her shoes and she isn't the only kid with disabilities. I can honestly say she is most relaxed and happy in her own skin when she is there playing basketball, joining in with a team that are no different to her. It's something to look forward to every week for both of us.
Amelia has had a few bumps and blisters but never gives up. She was looking forward to being old enough to play in the junior league with her team mates and that time came and she registered to play for the u15's Viking Hoglets. 
Amelia​ is still working on developing her wheelchair basketball skills, always with a smile and determination! She can pick up the ball from the floor which is something that a lot of younger players find difficult because of reaching down. Her success was video'd and put on Twitter @VikingsWBC and their Facebook page! This skill was possible due to Vikings funding to get a wheelchair with smaller wheels which has given her that extra reach.

I can't thank Sue and Anthony enough for coming into our lives and giving Amelia this amazing opportunity. Also thanks to all the coaches who help everyone enjoy themselves and gain skills.
​We all enjoy being part of the Vikings family!

Proud To Be Vikings​​

Sophie Tompsett